Topic: Mortgage

A Guide to Getting a Mortgage if You’re Self-Employed

  Prior to the 2007 credit crunch, self-employed workers could apply for a ‘self-certification’ mortgage, which meant that borrowers didn’t need to prove their income and lenders didn’t carry out checks. However, the system was abused, with borrowers exaggerating their earnings in order to secure a larger mortgage and then being unable to afford the… Read more »

Our 5 Step Guide to Buying a Property

  1. Work Out Your Budget for Buying a Property Before you start house hunting, find out how much you can afford to spend on buying a property. You’ll need to know exactly how much you can put down as a deposit and how much you can afford in mortgage repayments each month. The deposit… Read more »

The Financial Responsibilities of a Buy to Let Landlord

  If you’re thinking of becoming a buy to let landlord or renting out your home, you need to be aware of your financial and legal responsibilities. There are several obligations you’ll need to consider – from tax implications & national insurance to protecting tenants’ deposits & buildings insurance. Mortgage Type If you’re buying a… Read more »